Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (Donor Directed)$10,000.00
Underground Gym (Donor Directed) $10,000.00
Isthmus (Donor Directed)$2,500.00
Habitat for Humanity (2 anonymous donors)$130,000.00
Humane Society (anonymous donor)$5,000.00
Underground Gym (anonymous donor)$5,000.00
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (Donor Directed)$3,210.00
Salvation Army (Donor Directed)$5,000.00
Boys and Girls Club (Donor Directed)$2,813.06
Our Kids Count (Donor Directed)$2,813.06
Teen Challenge (Donor Directed)$2,500.00
Arthur Widnall (Donor Directed)$20,000.00
Thunder Bay Youth Symphony Orchestra (Donor Directed)$19,800.00
Thunder Bay Public Library$6,400.00
St. Andrew's Soup Kitchen$8,324.40
Roots to Harvest$2,200.00
St. Thomas Church Family Giving Centre$4,500.00
Schreiber Public Library$8,000.00
Community Arts & Heritage Education Project$3,614.00
Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra$11,419.76
Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra$1,350.00
Nature Conservatory of Canada$7,500.00
Lakehead Social Planning Council$10,000.00
St. John Ambulance$4,000.00
Thunder Bay Emergency Shelter Inc.$7,900.00
Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra$5,000.00
Friends of the Finnish Labour Temple$15,000.00
Thunder Bay Art Gallery$9,500.00
Magnus Theatre$6,300.00
Magnus Theatre$2,987.29
Lakehead University$3,350.00
Camp Quality Canada$5,000.00
United Way of Thunder Bay$14,400.00
Cambrian Players$2,542.87
Community Arts & Heritage Education Project$4,400.00
St. John Ambulance$5,000.00
Humane Society$10,000.00
Magnus Theatre$10,000.00
Humane Society$3,500.00
Hospice Northwest$5,000.00
Northwind Family Ministries$25,000.00
Boys & Girls Club$15,228.00
Precious Bundles$5,600.00
Children's Centre Foundation$14,436.00
Hospice Northwest$7,300.00
Community Clothing Assistance$8,200.00
Lakehead University$5,000.00
The Kidney Foundation$2,000.00
Elizabeth Fry Society$5,000.00
Grace Ministries$6,260.00
Boys & Girls Club$3,105.00
United Way of Thunder Bay$8,325.00
St. John Ambulance$4,500.00
Thunder Bay Emergency Shelter Inc.$5,400.00
Northern Nishnawbe Education Council$10,000.00
St. Andrew Soup Kitchen Inc.$8,064.00
Grace Ministries of Thunder Bay$5,686.02
Hospice Northwest$2,000.00
Our Kids Count of Thunder Bay Inc.$10,000.00
Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra$12,000.00
Camp Quality Canada$6,000.00
Thunder Bay Public Library$6,000.00
Nature Conservancy of Canada$5,635.00
St. Andrew Soup Kitchen Inc.$9,500.40
Lakehead University$7,864.00
Our Kids Count of Thunder Bay Inc.$5,000.00
Boys & Girls Clubs of Thunder Bay$8,207.00
Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario$10,000.00
Hospice Northwest$5,000.00
United Way of Thunder Bay$4,400.00
Lakehead University$2,500.00
Hospice Northwest$4,000.00
The Eleanor Drury Children's Theatre$6,465.00
Lakehead University$6,920.00
Friends of the Finnish Labour Temple$20,000.00
Confederation College$7,046.00
Lakehead University$10,058.00
Hospice Northwest$10,000.00
PRO Kids (Positive Recreation Opportunities for Kids)$4,700.00
Save Our Songbirds$4,666.11
St. John Ambulance$5,000.00
Community Arts & Heritage Education Project$2,450.00
Friends of Grain Elevators$800.00
Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior$5,800.00
Caring Hearts Cat Rescue & Sanctuary$3,000.00
St. John Ambulance$5,000.00
Thunder Bay & District Humane Society$10,000.00
St. Andrew Soup Kitchen Inc.$5,040.00
Northwestern Ontario Women's Centre$2,292.00
Catholic Family Development Centre (Thunder Bay)$5,000.00
Precious Bundles Children's Clothing Assistance Program$2,500.00
Roots to Harvest$12,000.00
Community Clothing Assistance$11,250.00
Evergreen a United Neighbourhood$3,750.00
Thunder Bay Youth Symphony Orchestra$19,617.00
PRO Kids$4,565.25
Roots to Harvest$4,565.25
Boys & Girls Club$5,000.00
Our Kids Count$5,000.00
Boys & Girls Club$3,235.00
Northern Reach Dog Animal Rescue Network$2,629.84
Our Kids Count$2,629.84
Boys & Girls Club$2,629.84
Boys & Girls Club$3,600.00
Shelter House$3,600.00
Thunder Bay & District Humane Society$5,000.00
Our Kids Count$3,326.50
Camp Quality$3,326.50
Hospice Northwest$10,000.00
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (Urology)$2,500.00
Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (Cardiology)$2,500.00
St. Joe's Foundation (Hospice)$2,500.00
Thunder Bay Museum$1,500.00
Our Kids Count$1,000.00
Kitty Kare$1,000.00
Northern Reach Dog Animal Rescue Network$1,000.00
Lakehead University Alumni Association$3,000.00