Mishko Bimaadziwin helps spread diabetes awareness
February 21, 2016
Mishko Bimaadziwin Family Support (MBFSS) is a charitable organization that assists Aboriginal children and their families to have a healthier life. MBFSS received a grant from the Thunder Bay Community Foundation (TBCF) that will support networking between the Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal community and will assist in drawing attention to the epidemic of Diabetes in First Nations

mishkoThe first component of the Shiiwapinawin (Diabetes) Program will consist of 4 consecutive workshops consisting of reading one of the four Eagle Story books.  The Eagle Story books promote learnings from our Elders about traditional ways of being healthy, and are used as a means to discuss prevention methods to delay the onset of Diabetes. Children and their caregiver will also be able to participate in activities consistent with the book that was read. The usage of storytelling (a traditional cultural practice) will be one the techniques utilized in teaching youth about the disease.

The second component will consist of a community workshop which will discuss general information, simplifying diabetes terminology, the importance of making changes in Diabetes Management and ways to delay the onset of Diabetes.

 “We focus on First Nations, Metis and Inuit children and their families. We make sure our workshops are easily understood and apply to everyday living”, said General Manager, Marilyn Junnila. The workshop is not only geared toward youth and their families; it’s for community workers who are wanting to also promote diabetes awareness.