Keri Chase Animal Welfare Fund looking for charities to support in 2016

The Keri Chase Memorial Animal Welfare Fund has been in existence since 2002. Keri Chase, who passed away in 2001, was forever salvaging injured and stray animals and birds of every kind. She would either find the animal homes or return them to the wild. The fund was created in her honour to provide financial assistance to charities who provide care, assistance and shelter to stray and injured domestic animals, birds and wildlife in the Thunder Bay area.

For over ten years, the foundation was involved in many fundraising activities and donated directly to local keri chase
registered charities. We all remember the Thunder Bay Superior Pet Calendars! In 2013 the Keri Chase Foundation turned over the balance of their fundraising to The Thunder Bay Community Foundation. Since that time, the foundation has given out annual grants to registered animal welfare organizations such as Kitty Kare, Humane Society and most recently, Flight of Fancy Exotic Bird Sanctuary.

“It was Keri’s passion to rescue and care for animals in distress.  We are requesting animal welfare charities in Thunder Bay to come forward and apply for grants to the TBCF so the good work that was started in 2002 can continue. Let’s help keep Keri’s memory alive by helping as many animals as we can.” said Ken Chase, Treasurer of the KCF.