Grant Application

How to Apply

Application forms are posted to this website in early September each year. Applications may be sent by mail, courier service or by-hand. Applicants are responsible to ensure that their submissions are received by our office by the posted due date.

2016 Application Material (We are not accepting 2017 applications yet)

*Please read all the grant material before submitting your application

*If you are submitting a grant application for the Community Fund for Canada's 150th, please print the application, budget and collaboration piece. Submit 4 copies of each, one annual report, one audited financial statements and one list of board of directors.

Grants Seminar

Date: TBD

Time: TBD 

Location: TBD

Topics that will be discussed at the seminar include:

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To download last year's presentation, please click here.

When to Apply

The Community Foundation accepts Grant Applications once a year. The opening and closing dates will be posted in the Fall. If you require information about our grants or you want to confirm if your organization or project qualifies for funding please contact our office.

  • Application Period Opening: TBD
  • Application Period Closing: TBD


Who can Apply

To apply for a grant from the Thunder Bay Community Foundation, you must be qualified donee as per the Canada Revenue Agency ( Below is a list of qualified donees:

  • a registered charity (including a registered national arts service organization);
  • a registered Canadian amateur athletic association;
  • a registered housing corporation resident in Canada constituted exclusively to provide low-cost housing for the aged;
  • a registered Canadian municipality;
  • a registered municipal or public body performing a function of government in Canada;
  • a registered university outside Canada that is prescribed to be a university, the student body of which ordinarily includes students from Canada;
  • a registered charitable organization outside Canada to which Her Majesty in right of Canada has made a gift;
  • Her Majesty in right of Canada, a province, or a territory; and
  • the United Nations and its agencies.


Celebrating Your Grant Results

All Grant Recipients are asked to provide the Foundation with a final report by the end of grant year (before the following application period closing).

Click here to find out more about Grant Reporting


Recognizing your Grant

All successful recipients must recognize there grant and each applicant must indicate how they would recognize their grant if successful. Help us support you by recognizing your grant!

Click her to find out more about Grant Recognition


General Requirements for All Grant Programs

  • Applicants must be registered charities within the meaning of the Income Tax Act.
  • Applicants must do the majority of their charitable work within the District of Thunder Bay.
  • Applications may be for existing programs and services, new and innovative programs or other charitable works. Please see specific criteria for each grant as described below.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they do not currently have the financial resources to fund the project under consideration.
  • Large provincial or national charities must demonstrate that the project is uniquely beneficial to Thunder Bay.
  • Applicants must use the funds within one year after the date of receipt. Funds must only be used to support the project specified in the successful application. If the project is ongoing, applicants must demonstrate the ability to support the project under consideration after the Foundation’s funds have been spent.
  • Applicants agree that the Foundation may review the documentation and progress of the project.
  • Previous Grant recipients must complete and return a project update on their current Grant before any new applications can be considered. If we do not receive an update or communication from you regarding your 2014 - 2015 grant you will become ineligible to apply for the 2015 - 2016 grant.
  • Applicants must recognize the Foundation in an appropriate manner. Grantees are required to follow the TBCF grant recognition procedure, please see page on TBCF site.
  • Applications for funds to be reallocated to other organizations will not be considered.
  • Applications cannot be submitted on-line. Please see requirements on the last page of this document for submission details.


General Limitations for All Grant Programs

  • Grants are not awarded to individuals.
  • For projects that promote the aims of a specific religion, ideology or political party.
  • Grant(s) may not be awarded to a charity that does not fulfill the criteria of a previous grant.


Program Specific Requirements