Fund School - FAQs

How much do the funds disburse annually to the community?

Annually, funds disburse on average 3.5% of their market value (depending on interest earned). The remainder is added to the fund for growth. [Link to Financial Page]

How much does the foundation charge annually to administer the fund?

Annually, the foundation charges between 2% and 5% to administer the fund. Donors are given annual statement. 

Where are the administration funds spent annually?

Administration funds are used for marketing, office expenses and human resources. Please see our Financial Statements. [Link to Financial Page]

How much will my fund grow every year?

If your fund is pooled, it will grow by the following formula:


Interest Earned*

+ Donations for the Year

- Disbursement to the Community (Grants, Scholarships and Bursaries)

- Operating Expenses

Fund Growth


*The amount of interest earned is based on the funds weight in the overall portfolio held by the Foundation.

*Non-pooled funds are invested differently and earn separate interest from the pooled funds.