Cooking Up New Skills

January 30, 2016

Harbour Youth Services

Charities embody the best spirit and values of a community.  They protect, feed, shelter, educate, and nurture those in need.  When charities work together, even greater things can happen.  Harbour Youth Services of Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay Community Foundation(TBCF), both established in 1971, have worked together many times over the year to effect positive change for children in our Thunder Bay community. 

Each of the Harbour Youth afterschool participants spend on average, over 200 hours at the programs during the course of the school year. To fill those hours with the best experiential learning opportunities that help bolster self-esteem, create opportunities for mastery of new skills and equally important, to inspire them to help others, often requires financial resources beyond reach.  This is where the Thunder Bay Community Foundation (TBCF) is able to step in and help. 

This year, with the generous assistance of a TBCF grant, a group of 16 children, between the ages of 11 and 13 are enjoying weekly cooking classes where they are learning basic cooking skills while preparing hearty, wholesome foods.

“We know that as children grow, they learn to make decisions and begin to make more choices on their own. They develop viewpoints and habits that form the foundation of their behaviours in adulthood.  Our goal is to help instill a love of cooking and an awareness of how healthy food choices are beneficial for their wellbeing,” said Program Manager of Harbour Youth, Joanne Tomlinson. 

Harbour Youth Services is grateful for the support of the Thunder Bay Community Foundation in helping to support their goals and making a difference for children’s futures.