Anonymous Gift Prevents Downsizing

January 16, 2016

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Right before the holidays, Big Brothers Big Sisters came to a financial decision of downsizing service delivery staff, who support the children and volunteers. “Due to the tough economic times, unforeseen events, growth of services that are requesting grants/ financial support, it had led us into financial hardships”, said Executive Director, Penny Radford, Big Brothers Big Sisters.

 Recently the Thunder Bay Community Foundation’s (TBCF) provided Big Brothers Big Sisters with a critical anonymous donation of $20,000. These funds saved the organization from downsizing their staff.  “Our donors are very tuned into the community and want to make a difference wherever they can.  The TBCF works closely with charities to understand their needs and assist our donors to invest in their sustainability,” said Bonnie Moore, Executive Director, TBCF.

 The exciting outcome of this generosity in Big Brothers Big Sisters is now appropriately staffed and stabilized while they head into new events for fundraising and providing high quality services in 2016. Their vision is that every child who wishes for a mentor receives a mentor. “With change comes growth, and our donor has provided us with the ability to grow with our community,” said Penny.

 The TBCF works to provide grants and other support to charities such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters so they can continue to provide much needed services and ensure our community is a vibrant place to live.