2016 Annual General Meeting

2016 AGM

The Thunder Bay Community Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of Liana Frenette (CEO – TBT Engineering), Michael Larizza (Partner – RFL Holdings) and Reily Madigan (Badanai Motors – Controller) to the Board of Trustees. These active community members will help push the Foundation forward and support the community in the year 2016 and beyond. With these great additions to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, we see two members depart.

Tere McDonald, Trustee and Past President, was a member of the Board for six years and active of the Foundation’s Marketing Committee and a regular member of the marking committees for the Foundation’s Grants, Scholarships and Bursaries processes. Jody Krupa, Secretary Treasurer and trustee, was with the Board for three years. Jody ensured the Foundation’s fiduciary responsibilities were always in line with Foundation policies, by-laws and contracts and that the Foundation always met governmental regulations. The Foundation thanks these two great members for their amazing service to the Foundation and to the community and welcomes the three new members to the Foundation.